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Hairy and hairless Peruvian dog family breeding

Suite a de nombreux appels et messages erronés, je précise que NON, l'affixe "luna capreza" n'a rien a voir avec l'elevage des seigneurs de la bujade aux fées (ou anciennement l'empreinte de la louve").


Deux elevages dans le meme village mais rien a voir entre les deux.

Il reste notre Umpawa de disponible

Les bébés sont nés!

Amaretta nous a fait un beau cadeau pour la fête nationale!!

7 beaux bébés ont vu le jour!

1 fille poilue noire avec un peu de feu

1 garcon poilu tout feu (tout flamme!)

2 filles nue cuivre

1 garcon nu cuivre

et aléas de la génétique 2 orchidées!

1 garcon orchidée cuivre et blanc

1 fille orchidée noire et blanche

Luna Capreza

Luna Capreza is a small family farm, located in Dordogne (24) near Nontron (24300). it is located between 3 large cities (Angoulême, Limoges and Périgueux).


I live in the countryside where my dogs can frolic quietly on the 3 hectare land (with chickens, sheep, cats, other dogs) and lounge on the sofa.


I don't have many dogs, because these live with me  and I wish I could offer each of them all the affection that the Peruvian needs. thus I have few dogs, but very beautiful lines and very well typed dogs.


  I do little litter which allows me to take proper care of each puppy. I want to make a beautiful dog but also a healthy dog and take care of it as well as possible.


the race  has 2 varieties, one naked, the other hairy.


the nude does not have oily skin, like the sphynx, I am often asked the question. the skin of the Peruvian, it is a dry touch, a soft, warm, elastic skin.

it does not require a lot of care, a bath from time to time and moisturizer after the bath.


the hairy has a very short, shiny, extremely soft coat, like a silk coat. again not much care. just a good bath every now and then is enough.


the Peruvian has a character, an intelligence, an unconditional love for his totally fantastic family. a unique dog, very close to his humans, although wary of strangers. it is a dog at the same time quick-witted, robust, sporty but also very calm, who likes to bask on his bed or against humans, to ask for hugs and tenderness.

it is a dog who appreciates the comfort of the sofa but who also appreciates long walks. in winter a coat is welcome and the adventure can begin!


the Peruvian unconditionally loves his masters and therefore, in fact, needs them to flourish as well as possible.


all puppies are of course registered in the LOF, they leave home at 2 and a half months, vaccinated and microchipped, with their puppy kit.


because of recurring health problems, I rarely go to exhibitions, I am mainly present on the networks. (type luna capreza in the search bar, you will find my facebook account and page).

shoopetta sorges fleurs.png

Shoopetta de Luna Capreza, 11 mois


Tequila de Luna Capreza


T'Kapik de Luna Capreza


Socrate de Luna Capreza, 12 mois


Sergent major, (anciennement snoopih)  de Luna Capreza


Sergent major, (anciennement snoopih)  de Luna Capreza


Bonita de Luna Capreza, un de mes premiers poilus, il y a plus de 15 ans

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